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“Who Took Down Stockton?,” examines how Stockton, California, became the largest city in American history to file for bankruptcy. The piece highlights the key characters and decisions that brought the city to the brink and traces the trail all the way back to Wall Street. To watch more great documentaries, check out iFiles With support from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, The Center for Investigative Reporting (CIR) will report and produce four episodes of “TYT Investigates,” which will feature an original 20- to 30-minute documentary investigation and an in-studio panel discussion led by Cenk Uygur (, The Young Turks founder and co-host. CIR producer Chavala Madlena (, formerly with The Guardian in the United Kingdom, will be the producer and correspondent for the four episodes. CIR will be responsible for the editorial content, and The Young Turks will be the primary distribution and promotion platform for the partnership. “We are the largest online news show in the world because we tell our audience the truth about what’s happening in the world,” Uygur said. “Our viewers have an appetite for thought-provoking and high-impact journalism, and we think the ‘TYT Investigates’ channel speaks directly to them. The award-winning Center for Investigative Reporting has been breaking stories for years that demand accountability from government, corporations and others in power. We think the combination of CIR’s world-renowned in-depth reporting and our ability to reach millions of young, active citizens hungry for the truth is going to be a groundbreaking moment for investigative journalism in the 21st century.” “TYT Investigates” will air on The Young Turks YouTube channel and website; CIR’s YouTube channel dedicated to investigative videos, The I Files; and CIR’s website. CIR is one of the few nonprofit news organizations that produce high-quality, high-impact investigative videos in-house. Its staff includes highly skilled investigative reporters who cultivate sources and find hidden information, engineers and data analysts who create sophisticated news applications and tools to help the public understand issues, and video producers who create engaging documentaries and animated features to demystify complex topics. Credits Chavala Madlena – Producer & Director ( David Ritsher – Producer & Editor Steve Talbot – Executive Producer Steve Oh – Executive Producer ( Jayar Jackson – Narrator (

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