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Added by on 2014-08-26

Afghanistan is in a state of paralysis. On the day of this interview the new Afghan President was supposed to be inaugurated, instead the country remains in a political deadlock. Is the nation going to be able to take significant steps forward any time soon? The United States Ambassador to Afghanistan, James B. Cunningham, seems to think so. “There’s actually been quite a bit of progress,” he told Christiane Amanpour. “What they’ve agreed is that there will be a president; there will be what’s called a chief executive officer, not a prime minister, because that position doesn’t exist under the Afghan constitution. It may later, but it doesn’t now.” “All the details of how to do that are what they’re sorting out right now.” Amanpour asked about the probability of a candidate being inaugurated by the new designated date of September 2nd. “I think it’s possible,” said the diplomat. “It’s an important opportunity for a president to be declared and to get him on to the international stage at the NATO summit a few days later.” “We’ll keep trying to help them reach that goal”