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Added by on 2013-11-11

Check out the video on the squaddies within the Congo. The blue helmets are in fact a giveaway – they are a part of the United Countries peacekeeping pressure. Which is now not precisely a terrifying staff is it? In spite of everything, the U.N.’s peacekeepers have at all times been considered as a slightly hapless, toothless bunch. However this staff is totally different. They’re a part of the U.N.’s new Intervention Pressure Brigade. In contrast to the remainder of the blue helmets, who’re handiest allowed to behave in self-security, as peacekeepers, these squaddies are on the offense, with the authorization to hunt and assault enemy forces. This can be a first, a historical trade for the U.N., and a brand new technique within the Democratic Republic of Congo, the place greater than 5 million folks have died when you consider that 1998 amidst a fancy civil struggle. During the last 18 months, govt troops were combating a insurrection staff known as the M-23. The rebels have been encroaching deeper into the u . s . a ., and had already taken over the town of Goma. In the meantime, the U.N.’s peacekeepers have been powerless to intervene – that they had no mandate to have interaction.


CNN, Fareed Zakaria