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Added by on 2013-11-30

Watch “Fareed Zakaria GPS,” Sundays at 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. ET on CNN On GPS this Sunday: A panel of top historians provide their tackle the state of the U.S. financial system, 2nd time period presidencies and extra. “I feel there are not any historic analogies extra perilous than evaluating a Munich or a Nixon in China, from which we’ve got generations of standpoint, to a deal that’s days outdated,” says Nancy Gibbs, managing editor of TIME. “You realize, this might show to be a turning level, as clearly the president want to argue that it can be an extended late reset of a relationship. However it all might additionally collapse.” Then, a referendum to cap CEO pay to 12-occasions the income of a company’s lowest-paid worker: What on the planet is occurring in Switzerland? And, why children in South Korea and Finland are becoming a greater schooling than their counterparts in america. And the Closing Seem: the business that has tens of millions of Indians and Pakistanis misty-eyed.