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It’s been a while since fans heard from R&B group Jagged Edge, but they’re back.

The Atlanta quartet of brothers Brian & Brandon Casey, Kyle Norman and Richard Wingo, just relased their latest single, “Hope.”

The new single’s message about reclaiming broken hearts from the ladies serves as example that mainstream R&B doesn’t just have to be ratchet.

J.E. is looking to bring back that balance back to R&B. Their new album will be called J.E. Heartbreak Too, an ode to the group’s most successful album back in 2000, J.E. Heartbreak.

“There are so many songs on the radio that are out here bashing men,” Wingo told’s Kyle Harvey. “Then there’s tracks about girls not being loyal … c’mon now. At the end of the day, we want to put hope back into women. You might have been in two or three bad relationships, but the next one doesn’t mean that.”

Jagged Edge told they want to recreate the magic with their new album and capture the spirit of music like “I Gotta Be,” “He Can’t Love You,” and “Let’s Get Married.”

To accomplish this, the group has reunited with Jermaine Dupri, who executive produced the original.

“It felt like we never really left (Dupri) musically,” Brandon said. “We were always on the same page. Sometime we go into the studio with J.D. and we never know what we come out with, but its usually good.”

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