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For extra What within the World watch Sundays at 10 a.m. & 1 p.m. ET on CNN If there may be one united states of america on the planet that appears like a utopia, its identify have to be Switzerland. It is a united states of america that has all of it. The typical profits is $eighty two,000 a 12 months – sixty five p.c greater than the common American earnings. Everybody has nice healthcare, childcare, and training. The unemployment fee is three %. There may be nearly no corruption. Consistent with the OECD, of 34 developed nations surveyed, the Swiss have the best level of belief of their executive. And, after all, it’s a marvelous united states of america with nice traditions of snowboarding, cheese, chocolate, and wine. What may be able to go improper? Neatly, reasonably loads, in truth. The Swiss are livid about earnings inequality. The story is a well-recognized one. Consistent with Reuters, in 1984 high earners in Swiss companies made 6 occasions as a lot as the underside earners. Lately, they make forty three-instances what backside earners make. At some banks and companies, CEOs make 200-instances the income of the bottom-paid worker.


CNN, Fareed Zakaria