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Added by on 2013-11-22

Fareed speaks with Robert Caro, Pulitzer Prize-successful biographer, historian and writer of Dallas, November 22, 1963, in regards to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.  So you understand there are individuals who take a look at the place Johnson was once, useless within the water.  A Lifestyles journal article was once about to return out. You describe, you realize, which used to be an investigative story, that might have additional undermined him. Individuals take a look at all that and say, boy, this assassination no longer most effective made Johnson president, however saved him from what would possibly were an entire crumple.  I imply, is it that you can think of that had the assassination no longer came about, Johnson would were so humiliated, he would have needed to resign? Smartly, to respond to that a part of your query, Johnson himself felt that whether or not he had a 2nd time period or now not, he used to be completed.  That is the phrase he used, “I am completed.” And you understand how we all know that he truly felt that approach? He advised a few of his key aides, who, if he had additional ambitions, he would have wished to maintain with him.  He mentioned, “I am accomplished.” One in all them used to be asking him, can I am going to work for any person else? He says go together with him, I am completed. So that you say that Johnson actually felt that his occupation may well be over. However, nothing that I ever discovered…I have been doing analysis on Lyndon Johnson for lots of years.  And I’ve to assert that nothing that I discovered in writing or any interviews, led me to imagine that regardless of the story of the assassination actually is, that Lyndon Johnson had anything else to do with it. I by no means discovered anything else that led me to imagine that.