Added by on 2014-06-26

Electronic Dance Music (EDM) has flirted with hip hop and R&B over the past few years, and it doesn’t look like its going anywhere anytime soon.

From Usher’s “Love You Down” to Chris Brown’s “Beautiful People” to LMFAO’s “Shots,” EDM production has been responsible for some of today’s R&B crossover hits; however, some argue they lack “bite.”

Enter DJ Carnage.

The Maryland producer is an EDM DJ who approaches the dance music world dominated by mainstreams acts like Zedd and Aviciii with a competitive rap mentality.

Carnage just dropped a new single with the “Versace” rap trio Migos. The track, entitled “Bricks,” is an audio representation of what the DJ brings to the EDM space.

TheGrio caught up with Carnage to talk about his journey and EDM’s inclusion in the hip hop space.