Chris Matthews is a well known commentator who has been on the Washington D.C scene since the 1970’s. Matthews has hosted Hardball on MSNBC since 1998. He previously served as a top aide to former House Speaker Tip O’Neill. Matthews himself ran as a Democrat for Congress from his home state of Pennsylvania. He worked on the Presidential campaign of former U.S. Senator Paul Tsongas.

Matthews also hosted The Chris Matthews show on ABC. It was a Sunday morning roundtable talk show where people like Susan Rice and Pat Buchanan often appeared in order to discuss political issues. The show was not as hard hitting as Hardball with Chris Matthews. On his Sunday show, Matthews would even ask commentators/journalists to come up with an important fact that Matthews had not considered about a news story of the day. Matthews has written several best sellers associated with political history. His book, Kennedy & Nixon: The Rivalry That Shaped Postwar America’ accurately compared and contrasted the upbringing of these two men and how they rose to power. Their friendship in their early days as WWII vets is not something that many people may have thought of.

Matthews has been highly critical of the Clintons on his MSNBC show. Some liberals have also questioned his evenhanded approach when it comes to political analysis. Matthews praised former Lt. Governor Michael Steele of Maryland when Steele was running for the United States Senate. Matthews has a brother named Jim that served as an elected Republican officeholder in Montgomery County. Chris was considering a bid of his own for the United States Senate as a Democrat before Arlen Specter switched political parties in 2010.

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