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A at hand archive of one of the hottest information and present affairs presentations working on TV presently!

The Rachel Maddow Show, MSNBC (commonly misspelled as “Rachael Maddow”)

The Rachel Maddow show is a weeknight news opinion show that airs on MSNBC at 9pm Eastern Time. Rachel Maddow is known for her direct dissection of complex political issues. She excels in describing common ironies presented by Republicans, but is just as quick to call out mistakes by the Democrats and herself.

  • The popular Rachel Maddow podcast is one of the only podcasts for shows on MSNBC.
  • The Maddow Blog accompanies The Rachel Maddow show and often comments on ground breaking stories or commentary about show topics.
  • Rachel Maddow girlfriend – Rachel Maddow is openly gay and lives with her partner/girlfriend Susan Mikula.

The Last Word by Lawrence O’Donnell, MSNBC

The Last Word with Lawrence O’ Donnell airs at 10 PM ET on MSNBC on weeknights. Lawrence o donnel, with his riveting personality and aggressive style of debate, has become one of the most noteworthy names on liberal television.

Apart from working with MSNBC, Lawrence odonnell has also presented his views and political analyses on Countdown, The McLaughlin Group and the Al Franken Show.

  • Larry odonnel also maintains The Last Word blog to keep a tab on the latest happenings in the news.
  • Fans wishing to email Lawrence o donnel can contact him through the official MSNBC website.

The Colbert Report, Comedy Network

Humorous political satire “The Colbert Report airs on Comedy Network from Monday to Thursday at 11:30EST. The show stars popular humorist Stephen Colbert as the series anchor.

  • Winning a string of Emmy Awards since it went on air in 2005; the Colbert report episodes present a spin-off on popular political pundit programs.
  • In the parody style show, host Stephen Colberts discusses his views on some of the main issues of the day in a humorous and witty fashion. This liberal show targets popular television shows host fraternity, including Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity and Anderson Cooper.
  • Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert co-starred in the Daily Show with Jon Stewart till 2005 before the Stephen Colbert show went on air.
  • Fans can watch episodes of Colbert report on the official website of the show, Colbertnation.

Hardball with Chris Matthews, MSNBC

Hardball with Chris Matthews is one of the most popular talk shows on MSNBC. The show touches the current blaring issues in American politics and often a guest’s panel is included to make the analysis more targeted.

  • Chris Matthews made headlines last winter when he fired up on the lack-luster performance of Obama during the Presidential Debate.
  • With his crisp attitude and liberal views, Chris Matthews is often confused with one of the greatest names in talk show history, Phil Donahue.

Now with Alex Wagner, MSNBC

Thinking who is Alex Wagner? A political pundit to watch out for, Wagner hosts “Now with Alex Wagner” weekdays at 12:00 ET on MSNBC.

  • A leading journalist and reporter, Alex Wagner’s biography is full of accolades and she has experience working with some of the leading publications of the country including The Huffington Post, Politics Daily and Fader Magazine.
  • Alex Wagner’s MSNBC program covers burning liberal topics off the political scene.
  • Most people wonder about Alex Wagner’s Ethnicity. She is half German and half Burmese.

Morning Joe, MSNBC

Weekday mornings are incomplete without the three hour long telecast of Morning Joe on MSNBC. Hosted by Joe Scarborough with Mika Brzezinski and Willie Geist as co-hosts, the show covers everyday issues, news and political events.

Popular guests to get featured in the show include John McCain, Mitt Romney, Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden etc. The hosting style of Joe and Mika has contributed significantly in the show’s high ratings for cable news.

Al Jazeera

In the world of news and information media, Al Jazeera has steadily emerged as a strong contender. Here, you can watch jazeera to stay updated about the latest goings on not only in the Arab world, but also around the world.

  • Al jazira newspaper and al jazira online are followed by thousands of fans on a daily basis.
  • In January this year, the aljazeerah network took over Current TV. However, one of the most popular shows on Current TV, The Young Turks, is being broadcasted independently since then.
  • Hosted by Cenk Uyger, TYT is known for its controversial take on daily news and liberal themes. TYT young Turks YouTube channel is a popular resource for catching live action of the program on the web.

Watch free aljazeerah videos and exclusive web footage here!

Real Time with Bill Maher, HBO

Real Time with Bill Maher’ on HBO and its online extension, Overtime, Bill Maher are HBO productions. The web version, Overtime with Bill Maher, is usually shot after the full HBO episode is filmed. The session mostly features a Maher video where he continues his conversation with the guests he has on the show that day. You can also continue on to the hot stories of the day by following Maher on his blog.

This additional video allows you to watch Bill Maher beyond what the original HBO series delivers!

The Daily Show Online

Web versions of episodes of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart can be found on Liberalvideo.com. Many times, the web versions of the Daily Show episodes online include extended interviews and other web extras, which bring an extra zeal and spice to the whole experience!

Topics on Liberal Video

Liberalvideo.com displays videos for free that deal with the common hot-button issues in today’s conversations. You will find that it’s a good resource for divulging into current information and get expert opinion on a slew of progressive topics.

Gay Rights, Marriage Equality

The issue of marriage equality as it pertains to gay marriage rights is potentially the most prominent civil rights issue in politics today. As the public opinion seems to shift more quickly than some politicians can keep up, the public needs to know as much as we can.

Some frequently asked questions that can be addressed are below.

  • What are gay rights?
  • Which states have same sex marriage laws?
  • What are the prevailing arguments for gay marriage?
  • How can I support gay rights?
  • How do we define gay love?

Gun Control Debate

Gun control laws and gun control in America are other hot-button issues in the political arena. There are, of course, both pros and cons presented for gun control arguments.

The anti-gun control arguments tend to be rooted in the 2nd Amendment rights, for which gun control right is perceived by some as one of the main prohibitions. The argument for gun control is mostly in the favor of anti-guns, but the major goal is to reduce the number of people killed by guns in America.


Abortion is another topic that has been hotly debated in politics since before the landmark case of Roe v. Wade in 1973. Views on abortion vary, but the main two camps are pro-choice and pro-life.

The pro-life argument attempts to put forward the case of explaining why abortion is wrong. The pro-choice camp poses the argument that the choice of whether or not to terminate a pregnancy should remain with the woman. However, it is implied that if abortion is chosen, it should be a safe option for the mother.

Some frequently asked questions about abortions are:

  • When are abortions performed?
  • What is medical abortion?
  • What are the different “ways of abortion” or “types of abortion”?
    • Surgical abortion
    • Suction abortion
    • Where to get an abortion?

Voting Rights

The issue of voting rights has always been a subject resulting in raised eyebrows throughout the course of history. Previously not allowed to vote, women’s suffrage was introduced late in the nineteenth century, gaining complete recognition in the year 1920.

It was not until the Voting Rights Act of 1965 came along that the voting procedure became more transparent African Americans were granted the right to vote. The Act was an extension to the XVth Amendment to the United States Constitution of 1870. The amendment stated that voting rights could not be denied on the basis of race or color.

Some important questions in this aspect include:

  • What are the current laws for voting in the US?
  • In which year were women given the right to vote?
  • What does the human rights article state about discrimination in voting?

Women’s Rights

The issue of women’s rights has been one of the most strongly advocated subjects of concern for years, not only in the United States but all around the world. Be it reproductive rights or the women’s suffrage (The right to vote for women), history is replete with movements to bring liberation for women in a more prominent light.

In this regard, the Women’s Liberation Movement and Women’s Right Movement have been some of the most prominent events on the historical timeline. Even today, there are dozens of societies and organization that safeguard and raise awareness for equal women’ rights.

Some popular questions regarding women’s right are discussed as follows:

  • What are the reproductive rights for women?
  • What are the legal implications for violence against women?
  • Who are the main women activists known for their efforts in history?


Immigration has always remained one of the core issues being discussed on the socio-economic and political front. Debates against imposing anti-immigration laws have been in the circuit for a while now. Immigration rights and its impact on the economic costs, crime rate and of course the population growth are some strong subjects of discussion.

Looking at the illegal immigration statistics, a rough estimate indicates that there are more or less 11 million illegal immigrants living in USA alone.

However, there are certain benefits of immigration as well, the foremost of which is that immigrants take up low paying jobs that local citizens avoid and in this way they help strengthening the economic strata.

President Barrack Obama’s immigration reform is also an important document to be considered in this matter, as it stresses upon both the rights of immigrants as well as upholding the laws of the state.

Tea Party

The Tea Party motion, derived from the favored Boston Tea Birthday party adventure of 1773, is a well-liked political motion that has recommended the discount of taxes and debt for the voters of United States.

The details related to the Tea birthday celebration motion embrace the cutback of taxes and debt and the legislation of the rights towards immigration, racial discrimination and the well being care invoice.

The Tea Birthday party patriots are a political group that improve the Tea Celebration motion and grasp the mission of organizing a united motion to carry citizen rights to the federal government.

Well-liked questions on this facet within the minds of the general public embrace:

  • What’s the historical past of the tea birthday party motion?
  • Who’re the principle tea celebration candidates and founding patriots?
  • What’s the major agenda associated to the tea birthday celebration motion?